On a day trip to island of Solta meet the local culture and explore the bays

Spend time on a day trip to island of Solta

Island of Solta is the closest island to Split, only 9 nautical miles from the capital city of Dalmatia. It is located west of the island of Brac, east of the Drvenik island and south of Split, separated by Split Channel. Its area is 58.98 km2 and it has a population of 1700 people. With a speedboat it takes around 20 minutes from the port of Split for a day trip to island of Solta . It is an excellent choice for a one-day trip.

Day trip to island of Solta, the Love island

Solta, or as some call it Love Island, is ideal destination for swimming. Also, for visiting charming bays on every side of the island. On the north side, Stomorska, Necujam or Rogac will give you an opportunity to meet small, seashore places with old and authentic stone structures. Every place on the shore has its story, a story about hard life on the Dalmatian’s islands.

How Solta got its name

Some say that the Romans called it Solentia and it means “the sun” But Solta got a name after the Greek Olynthus which means “immature fig”.  In the 4th century it first entered in written history under that name. In the past, many nations landed on Solta, such as Italians, Greeks, Spaniards. The purpose was to trade with local fishermen. Today there are many songs about fishing. Life on island was hard but people were open hearted.

Visit Piskera bay on a day trip to island of Solta

In the bay Piskera in Necujam, Diocletian, who built the palace in Split before 1700 years, had his fisheries. There were also thermal sources in addition to the fishpond. The emperor used them for swimming. In the time of Diocletian Split was 7 hours of rowing away. What’s more, on the bottom of the sea there are still some remains of the Roman wall that you can visit day trip to island of Solta.

The legend of Queen Teuta

The name of Necujam would literally be the deaf bay. It is hard to hear any sound so that is how the bay got its name. The legend among the people says that Ilirian queen Teuta ordered to built her courts in bay Senjska, even before Christ. Fishermen would throw fish they caught on every four sides of the world, asking for her mercy and affection.

Visit Necujam on a day trip to island of Solta

Another village in Solta is Necujam, which is famous for its longest and biggest beach. It was place of inspiration for Marko Marulic, a Croatian writer and a poet. He is called “the father of Croatian literatures”. People say he wrote some of his best works in Necujam, as he spent a lot of time there. If there weren’t pirate attacks, he would spend probably more time there. Necujam was also an inspiration for another famous poet Petar Hektorovic. Also, today it hosts various art and literature workshops.

Stomorska bay on a day trip to island of Solta

Stomorska is the first inhabited coastal town in Solta. It was inhabited in 17th century. The Bucic family from Hvar founded a small shipyard. Previously, it was a port for the locals from Gornje Selo and town of royal Cindro family. People were usually fishermen or they owned sailing boats to transport lime and food. Today those old sailing boats are used for tourist cruises.

Climg the highest point on a day trip to island of Solta

Vela straza is the highest point on island of Solta From the distance you can see a white stone cross. To the top you arrive from Gornje Selo. There are two tops of which one is 236 m high and another 208 m. It provides a nice view over the islands and town of Split. Therefore, day trip to island of Solta is great as a short trip with children.

Hunting in Solta

Solta is also known as a good hunting place. Mostly people hunt rabbits, wild boars ad peasants. Many hunters visit Solta when it is not tourism season. Throughout the whole island there are selected areas where hunters look for a prey.

The archery club

In Maslinica there is a medieval archery course at archery club Oliveto. From this you can see a combination of sport and an old tradition. It is located in a pine tree forest. There is a range of medieval arms and modern archery that the club offers. The trainer will show you how to use a bow and arrow. Certainly, this is great way to keep you active on a holiday if you go on a day trip to island of Solta.

Bike route

If you love biking you will love island of Solta because there are bike routes. A mountain bike route goes through Donje Selo, Grohote, Srednje Selo, Necujam and it ends in Stomorska. This route has a great view over the sea and you drive next to olive tree groves and Japjenice, the dry stone fields.

Diving on a day trip to island of Solta

Island of Solta has many popular diving locations. Some of them are Livka, Stracinska, Senjska and Jorja bay. You can explore the magnificent sea life, gorgonians and coral reefs. You can even see some shipwrecks on a day trip to island of Solta In addition, there are underwater caves in Jorja and Senjska. There are shipwrecks in Stomorska, Maslinica and next to Mrduja islet. Roman wall is hidden in Piskera.

Small owl as a symbol of Solta

Cuvita is a small owl that represents a symbol of Solta. Because of that, locals from Solta got a name “Cuvitari”. Other people used to make fun of islanders from Solta by calling them like that. Today it is almost a trademark of the island and people are proud of that. In Necujam there is caffe bar “Cuvita”, popular among locals.

Ostrich farm

Near Gornje Selo there is an ostrich farm. They have adapted to life on the island very well. This can be one of your stops on a bike ride on a day trip to island of Solta Also, in this village you can do the wine tasting. If you want you can have lunch in a traditional tavern.

Traditional music

Donje Selo hosts klapa festival during the summer every year. Klapa is an a capella singing protected by UNESCO. Dalmatian singers from Split, Kastela, Trogir, Brac and Korcula arrive to Solta and participate in the festival. This authentic music is very traditional and interesting to hear for foreigners.

Event of fighting over an islet

There is an annual event called “Tugging of Mrduja”. Mrduja is an islet between Solta and Brac. Even though they are only 800m away from each other, they are fighting for Mrduja. It does belong to Brac but every year they do an event to win Mrduja. Many boats arrive and the tie a rope to island and pull it. The side, which pulls the rope and the island more, is the winner. Later people enjoy in live music and feasts. The point of this event is to have fun and connecting between the locals of these two islands. This special manifestation includes diving, rowing and others. Evidently, it became a tourist attraction.

The Roman heritage

In coastal and inlands villages can be seen Roman heritage, with several ville rusticae. It usually had an agricultural estate of its own. There were three different parts. The landlord lived in the main house and there were the agricultural center and the farming area. In Donje Selo, Gornje Selo and in Necujam these villas can be found.

Bays to explore

Solta has 24 bays that are worth to explore.There are seven islands in front of Maslinica. During sailing people often visit them. A magical sunset can be seen over these islands. Their names are Balkun, Grmej, Rudula, Stipanska, Saskinja, Kamicic, Polebrnjak. In the past, at least at some point, these island were inhabited. That proves the fact that there are some remains of an Christian church on Stipanska. This church was built in 5th century.

Fields of Solta

FieldThese are Upper, Middle and Lower field, which have been providing food to islanders for centuries. Fields has rich soil with orchards, olive trees and vineyards. There are water-wells with cistern that collects rain. Its purpose is to water plants when weather is dry. In the middle of the fields there is a church of Saint Mihovil from 15th century. In the church there are gothic murals. The church is restored and it is a heritage.

Weather on island

The best time to go on a day trip to island of Solta is during the summer. It has a Mediterranean climate with dry and warm summers and mild amd rainy winters. From June to September average air temperature ranges between 26 and 34 degrees Celsius during the day. During the night it is between 24 to 28 Celsius degrees. The sea temperature is usually between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius.

What to do on Solta

A lot of hidden bays and beaches are on island of Solta. Kayaking is a very popular activity on island of Solta and a great way to explore the untouched coves and bays. Sesula bay is perfect for boaters because it is protected from Dalmatian winds jugo and bura. It is located on the southern side of the island. Zaglav bay has a small pebble beach. Also, there are few stone houses around that give a special charm to it. From Grohote you can walk through a village path.

Other bays on island

Apart from that, another bay you can reach from Grohote by foot is Tatinja bay. It is a good location for cliff diving and it has several small pebble beaches. From Gornje Selo you can reach to the nice Livka bay. In addition, a bay easily approachable from Gornje Selo is Stracinska bay. It has three small pebble beaches with crystal-clear turqouise sea. Sipkova cove next to Maslinica has the only sandy beach on the island.


On island of Solta there is campsite called Mido Kamp. It is located next to Stomorska and it is well equipped. It offers facilities like kitchen, parking lot, showers, bathrooms, water, electricity…Also, they allow pets. Unfortunately, wild camping is not possible because it is illegal. In Rogac there is an international youth summer camp. During the summer break kids up to 17 years can participate in wide range of activities while meeting new friends and having fun. As a result, they also have the possibility to practice language and hanging out with international peers.

How to arrive to Solta

To Solta you can arrive with a ferry, catamaran or a speedboat. From Split there is a ferry that goes to Rogac. That is the main port on island. In the ferry port you can buy tickets in Jadrolinija’s offices. It takes approximately one hour to arrive to Solta with a ferry. Also, Rogac is connected to Split with catamaran on a daily basis. It takes 30 minutes to get to the island by the catamaran. From Rogac you have to take a bus or you can go with a car to arrive to other villages on the island. in Rogac there are two buses that take passengers to Stomorska on the eastern part or Maslinica on the west side of the island.

Getting to Solta with a speedboat

Another option is to go with a speedboat. It is a fun ride that will give you unforgettable experience. With a wind in your hair you will arrive quick to the destination. You can choose between a private boat tour island Solta or some tours that we already offer such as Day Sailing from Split.

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