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Day Sailing

Day sailing private tour
Why choose day sailing?
There are a hundred reasons why but I am going to try to give you just a few. For me as the owner of the company, this is my favorite excursion because I am a sailor and I have been on the sea every day since I have been a child and I’m sure you will like this way of cruising.
The difference is the speed that you travel on a ship and on the sailboat.
You drive on a fast boat from Point A to Point B to talk on point B, eat, drink, socialize.
You have a lengthier experience on a sailboat gliding from point A to point B on the way you talk, eat, drink, take pictures, socialize, learn new sailing skills, study wind, sea, waves, and on point B you explore the bay you dive and explore the island.
I could write you a hundred more reasons, but we’re going sailing!!!


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