Hvar boat tours

See why sunny Hvar makes everyone fall in love with it.

A visit to Hvar Island, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, is not to be missed. Have your journey in Croatia meet its peak on the dazzling island of Hvar. Visit Hvar by a private boat, enjoy the journey from the calm blue waters into hot pathways that are ready to read your story, and write it while you enjoy the island.

Hvar Island is a small Croatian island located 30 minutes by speedboat from Split. With its picturesque architecture, charming locals, and love for life in the air, it’s easy to see why this island has been so popular with tourists for years.

Known for its sunny days, rich history, and friendly people, Hvar is also a favorite location of many people who want to discover, fall in love, or simply enjoy some unforgettable food and cultural experiences.

Hvar island is a must, not an option. Go for it! See why Hvar, among over a thousand islands in the Adriatic sea, is the most loved one. Probably because of its breathtaking, healing nature and incredibly rich history full of stories.

What makes Hvar island so special

It’s sunny days, rich history, friendly people, a favorite location of many, and delicious food. The island is representative of happiness because of the untouchable and amazing memories people make there.

Hvar Island is a MUST SEE destination for anyone who is looking for a relaxing, happy, and beautiful day. The history, culture, and people are all amazing, and the sunny days are perfect for spending time with friends. Fall in love there, and you will never forget the wonderful experience.

It is always good to have some inspiration for your next trip, whether it be cultural heritage, nature, or the many aspects of culture you will get to meet. Make sure not to miss out on trying one of Croatia’s representative wines while you’re here!

Boat ride to Hvar

Starting from Split, in the speedboat, you have the luxury to stay as long as you would like and not obey by any rules that going in groups includes. Don’t think that the ride to Hvar will be boring! With the speed boat, the fun is guaranteed no matter how long the journey is.

Private tours by boat are meant for those who like to handle things on their own and want privacy for themselves and their loved ones. With a private boat trip from Split to Hvar, you can visit not only Hvar but Pakleni Islands also. It is recommended to go on a private tour because you can visit all of these in one day and stop where you want. Be it a photo opportunity or snorkeling in the clear blue sea, the crew of Split boat trips will arrange and recommend activities that will keep you away from the crowds so you can relax and enjoy your trip like a true VIP.

It is also worthy to mention how ferries and catamarans can get crowded and might be the unpleasant part of the otherwise healing journey. Private speedboat has the upper hand in the area since it offers worry-free, safe, and fast transport to passengers who want to reach their destination in a short time and slow shipping lines.

A private boat is also an authentic Mediterranean way to get from coast to island. It gives you plenty of time to prepare for your next adventure while you are enjoying the comfort and good company near you. So ditch the ferry and crowds and choose a boat tour!

The island many have loved for vacation since the 15th century

Yes, you read that correctly. Hvar is a loved vacation destination by people from the Middle Ages to today’s top celebrities. How amazing is that and what makes people fall in love with the island?

Meteorologists claim that Hvar is the sunniest place in Europe, therefore making it a perfect destination for those who seek the beauty of Mediterranean beaches and culture. Many things adorn Hvar and make it the main character position it has in Croatia. And that title is deserved! With wondrous pathways lined with lavender that will make you feel like you’re in a movie, to hidden coves, small villages still bursting with tradition while the main center has become a mecca for those who want to feel the real hedonistic life.

Besides the sun, do you want to know the secret why people love coming to and are invited to visit Hvar? Because of the wonderful hosts and friendly people of course! Be it a waiter or a passerby on the street, a smile will always be on their face.

Things that warmly welcome you to the sunny island

Beautiful alleyways that appear wherever you go. Wake your inner child while you are wandering around the old town, go for some homemade ice cream, get a coffee to go and explore. The city that is bursting with nightlife many wish for, is also a playground during the day. A peaceful and relaxing beaches.


Yes, the purple-hued flower. Why? Because Hvar is Croatia’s representative when it comes to lavender and no matter how you feel about flowers, lavender is probably the only one that will calm your mind, remind you that Yes, you are here, and you will love it. Even when slowly approaching the island you can see lavender blooming, continuing the blue hues from the sea into the land.

Romance in the air

Some traditional stories talk about a great love story that happened in Hvar’s Old Town. And still today, many say that the city has a special charm in the air. With its alleyways, cafes, squares, an observatory, and countless locations to enjoy a sunset or sunrise, it all makes so many opportunities for a romantic feeling.

It doesn’t surprise that among the titles of the sunniest island in the country, Hvar has one-upped its nightlife scene and made itself into another amazing destination – many bachelorettes and bachelor nights, proposals, and weddings happen on an island too!

Awaken your senses

Spending a sunny day on Hvar Island is a MUST DO in your life! The island has a very pleasant climate that is perfect for spending a lazy day in the sun. The scenery is breathtaking, and there are so many things to do that it is impossible to get bored. Not to mention, the people are friendly and welcoming.

All of those things make a perfect combination for a heaven on earth. Don’t you agree?

Imagine yourself on the boat nearing Hvar’s harbor, the smell of healing sea salt and happiness awaits you and welcomes you in its historical town. That could be enough to make the fatigue of everyday life forgotten.

While you’re enjoying the city, be mindful, when in Hvar do as Hvar people do – stroll slowly through the street, drink in the colorful nature, and look. Do not be afraid to experience what is so loved by the people there.

How to prepare for the experience of an island life

Hvar is one of those islands that are a must-see and real culture and the feeling you get while entering through the city gates is something one must experience once in a lifetime.
Feel Hvar walking around barefoot, drink in the beauty and carefree smell of the sea air. Let yourself be immersed in a culture so rich and inviting, that you will never want to leave. Today’s life brings many tolls, but one true experience of Hvar and how people used to live, will change you for the better and leave unforgettable memories inside your heart.

Don’t forget to

Sightsee! Sure, healing time on a beach is amazing, but one must not avoid the following:

  • Visit Fortress Fortica, the best historic site, and an amazing lookout for a romantic sunset or even a snack. There are beautiful and amazing views once you get to the fort. After a walk up the hill by the stairs or a bus, you can enjoy a cafe for refreshments and drinks. Fortica is a must-see to reach the fort for the panoramic views of Hvar town and harbor.
  • Beach Milini, Mekicevica, and Hvar. There are countless beaches, each offering slightly different amenities but listen out, you can not go wrong with choosing a beach. Each is perfect!
  • Franciscan monastery, because the architecture and the spirit of history blow everyone away. And it’s an amazing photo opportunity for all the Instagram and photography lovers out there.
  • The harbor of Hvar is the first point of interest you will see upon driving into the harbor with the speedboat.
  • Cathedral of Saint Stephen, another religious site. The Cathedral is situated at the top of the town square where you can not miss seeing the building from the inside because of its stunning structure, colors in the sunlight, and sculptures and reliefs along the walls. From the outside, it has a nice bell tower and frontage. You can take as long as you need to look around and it is quiet and respectful inside.
  • Another site you can not miss is fortress Napoljun, an incredible example of how a historic castle, adorned with embellishment became the heart of Hvar’s interest in science. Today the castle is home to an astronomical observatory! It is worth the climb which is through a herb garden and past a beautiful small chapel. The deck on the fort has a lovely bar with amazing views. The views from the fortress are magical and the solitude is worth cherishing as you won’t find many tourists here. Other tourists advise taking a snack pack and a mat to sit on the grass and enjoy the breeze.
  • Renaissance summer residence of Hanibal Lucic – the most famous example of the suburban summer town of Hvar. Within the fenced property, there are two houses and a Renaissance garden. The mansion today houses the Hvar Heritage Museum and the State Archives.

Eat. Hvar is the center of Mediterranean cuisine in Croatia, so you can not miss any of the great restaurants offering the delicious and healthy food, all grown under the caring eye of people from Hvar and the adoring sun shining over the island. Eating at some of these restaurants will tell you a story about how Hvar people want to gather the world and show hospitality to travelers around the world.
Restaurants recommended by many are:
– Zbondini
– Dva ribara
– Mediteranneo dine & wine
– Dalmatino
– Fig Hvar
– Bunar
Many of the owners and chefs will say “respect what is given to you.” Therefore, working with nature’s goods can never be a miss. Once you visit Hvar and try its traditional dishes pasticada and gregada you will see what a precious treasure they are.

If you prefer to skip out on feasting, then many cafes and bars, serving Hvar’s wine and craft beer are your way to go! Wine is some of the most representative items of Hvar Island’s culture. It is symbolic of happiness and love so even if you aren’t a fan of the reds or whites, still give it a shot, its uniqueness might surprise you!
– Kava37, with vegan options as well
– Vintage wine bar
– Lola bar
– The wine bar
– Tri prsuta

After wine and dining you can also choose to visit some sports centers, go swimming, snorkeling, play beach volleyball and traditional game in the sea, similar to water polo, picigin.


For years now, Hvar is one of the best islands when it comes to parties. Tourists from all over the world come to the island to sunbathe during the day and then have fun during the night. Hvar’s nightspots attract the ones wanting to party at its beach and waterfront. From casual day bars to expensive island clubs, you can find it all here:
– Ka’Lavanda Music Bar
– Carpe Diem Beach
– Falko Beach Bar & Food
– Le Bar
– Central Park Hvar

Walk on streets under UNESCO’s heritage

Did you know that Hvar’s Stari Grad Plain (Old Town) is a cultural landscape that has remained practically intact since it was first colonized by Greeks in the 4th century BC? Here we bring you a list of precious heritage sites you can visit:

Old town and old town field

The Great Field, in the middle of the island, changed its name as its lords changed but today it is simply known as Old Town field. But it has always been the belly of the island: it has made life possible for millennia. The field is actually a cultural landscape shaped by millennia. The basic architecture was bounded by dry stone walls, and the main roads that cut it lengthwise and crosswise passed through the field.

Agava lace

Lace is a delicate fabric made of thread in various patterns that was created during the Renaissance in the Mediterranean. The basic techniques of lacemaking are needle stitching and braiding. The skill of making agave lace in the town of Hvar is specific to the material from which it is made.
The work of preparing the thread is long and arduous. Thin, white threads are extracted from fresh agave leaves, harvested at certain times of the year and processed in a specific way until they are ready for weaving. According to the custom, they are not even produced by the bora, because the cold dry air makes them fragile. The threads are woven into different patterns, and the resulting lace is a symbol of Hvar.

Cross procession

The procession For the Cross is a unique expression of popular piety and religious and cultural identity of the inhabitants of the central part of the island of Hvar, which has been taking place for five centuries. The specificity of the procession for the Cross is that six separate processions start simultaneously from six parishes: Jelsa, Pitve, Vrisnik, Svirce, Vrbanj and Vrboska. The processions move clockwise and end with a return to their parish church. The other locals welcome the processions and listen to the song and participate in prayers with them in the church.

Klapa singing

Klapa singing is a traditional a capella polyphonic singing, originally from Dalmatia. The tradition of klapas and klapa songs as we know them today was formed in the middle of the 19th century.
Klapa songs are recognizable by their internal musical structure, melody, harmony and content of lyrics. The lyrics of klapa songs are mostly love songs, ranging from poetic, cheerful, optimistic and humorous to lyrics of excessive sentimentalism.

Mediterranean nutrition

The Mediterranean diet includes a lot of things and especially sharing and consuming food. As a specific way of life in harmony with nature and the use of its resources, it is the foundation of the identity of people living in the Mediterranean, and is the heritage of various cultures and influences.

It is important to note its social component. The Mediterranean diet emphasizes the values ​​of hospitality, good neighborliness, intercultural dialogue and creativity, and a lifestyle guided by respect for diversity. It plays an important role in cultural spaces, festivals and celebrations, bringing together people of all ages and walks of life.

Among the mentioned protected heritages, klapa singing and the cuisine are the easiest to get to hear and taste! So while you are walking through the alleyways of Hvar, keep an ear out to hear some singing and you might just have the best performance of your life. Mediterranean cuisine is a staple in many restaurants and you should definitely taste as much to see and feel all of the goods nature can get.

Travel to Hvar and let the city inspire you. Enjoy the feeling of being in a new place, experiencing the new culture and learning about the history of the place. And then, of course, there is the wonderful opportunity to see the world from a different perspective.

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