Blue Lagoon boat tour

Blue Lagoon boat tour / Enter a different world of beauty that Dalmatia has to offer

Do you believe a new adventure can fill your soul? Because visiting Dalmatia without seeing the spectacle of the Blue Lagoon would be a missed opportunity to learn about the priceless beauty of true nature that fulfills your spirit and energy.

The most colorful and beautiful experience of the day awaits you. If you are looking for the perfect vacation for the whole family? Visit Veliki Drvenik Island and its blue lagoon, where you’ll find everything you need to have a great time – from beautiful beaches and incredible views to exciting activities and delicious food.

You will never want to go home again! If you’re alone, explore new horizons and boundaries, spend time with your family, spend time together, or go on a romantic getaway with your partner. No matter which scenario you choose, Blue Lagoon has something for everyone. You can act out any fantasy you have there.

Where is the Blue Lagoon?

Blue lagoon is an enchanting lagoon located on the island of Drvenik Veli that is west of Split, and north of the island of Solta. It is a popular destination for boat trips to remote bathing places and it is only 30 minutes away by a speedboat.

There you will find a shallow turquoise blue sea rich in all kinds of fish. It is one of those ideal white sand and rocky bottom diving sites where divers can easily go and enjoy the underwater world and admire the various picturesque species.

The Blue Lagoon in Split is one of those ideal diving sites where divers can easily go and enjoy the underwater world and admire the various picturesque species that make this area their home while enjoying the calm waters. It is also an ideal place for recreational scuba divers.

Blue lagoon is a place where everyone, no matter what, can enjoy the surreal lagoon that has made its home in the comfort of an island bay, protected by two smaller islands on the east. Blue lagoon offers an adventure you can only dream of. So take your bathing suits and the Split boat trips will take care of the rest.

Island hopping – feel like you’ve traveled the world in one day

Island hopping is a term that refers to the practice of traveling to multiple islands in one day. It usually involves taking ferries between different islands, but with a speedboat tour you leave the slow travel and crowd behind you so you can focus on the trip with good company and crew that will take care of you!

Island hopping is a popular travel trend for those who are curious and want many memories with beautiful photographs.

This type of trip is very beneficial because you can see many different places and landscapes in a short period of time. Not only will you see a new landscape at each stop, but you’ll also have the opportunity to explore some unique landscapes and historic buildings and ruins.

Island hopping is essentially jumping from one destination to another. It takes less time than visiting each destination individually. Essentially, you can experience more destinations in less time.

Some people prefer island hopping because it feels like traveling around the world.

Blue Lagoon is a location that ticks off all your boxes

Finding the perfect location for your vacation can be a challenge, but Blue Lagoon is perfect for those looking for an area that offers all the amenities they want while relaxing and healing.

It is a well-known tourist destination and a popular destination for those who wish to have stunning natural surroundings in every direction, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. It is perfect for couples, families and crowds. It makes it possible to benefit everyone in one beautiful place. Whether you want to take in the spectacular views, enjoy leisurely sunbathing or take a stroll on the island through nature, there are countless reasons to come to a place like this. With everything the area has to offer, including a variety of facilities for every need, staying here is an absolute must.

Having amenities that fit everyone’s needs is one of the many reasons why being located here is so special. Additionally, the beauty of the surroundings provides a healing environment that is vital for anyone looking to relax and recharge.

Amenities on the island

On the island, after you are done with fun sea activities, you can choose between a family restaurant Krknjaši and a glamorous beach bar Shkoy. You can probably already imagine yourself enjoying a fish from the grill and a glass of sweet red wine with a beautiful view of the lagoon.
Konoba Krknjaši offers a variety of seafood for lunch and dinner. You can enjoy fresh grilled food with home grown ingredients that are flavorful and will be sure to leave you satisfied in its flawlessness. It also has a garden.

Beach bar Shkoy. Do you know that škoj in Croatian actually means small isle? In this beach bar that has incorporated itself into the untouched nature, you can find relaxation in the shadows with a cocktail in hand.

Immerse yourself in the authentic landscape of island Veliki Drvenik

Dalmatian coast is hilly and rugged with cliffs and many islands and islets on the deep blue waters, making it one of the most scenic places in Croatia. The island, like many, has an untouched nature due to its secludedness. There is only one village called Drvenik Veli and its harbor on the island, they are on the other side looking west while the Blue lagoon overlooks the east and the islands.

Apart from a stunning underwater world, you can also see the culture of makija and gariga, which are essentially low bushes typical for the Mediterranean. Above makija is where the Aleppo pine starts. Of course, it would not be a true Croatian island if there weren’t olive gardens and wine!

The fruitful nature of Veliki Drvenik is special because while its rocky and karst nature might seem robust, the island still found a way to grow figs, agrumes and many other delicates that are best eaten near the sea, giving you a chance to feel true Mediterranean spirit and the way local people live.

You can feel the pebbles in between your toes and listen to the sounds of the waves hitting the rocks as you drink in nature’s wonder. Look out in the distance and see the sun, people going on about their days enjoying the sea and what peace it brings.

Blue Lagoon trumps over other beaches near cities

Most visitors to Croatia may think that this is all close to the larger coastal towns. So it’s no surprise that the people who live in the small island villages take pride in the natural wonder and want to appease tourists.

An idyllic Robinson-style resort, the Blue Lagoon is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your vacation. Due to the magical atmosphere of the lagoon, most tourists prefer to go here instead of sunbathing elsewhere. Tourists must visit this unique paradise, because there are no urban areas on the island of Drvenik, only a village and the clear waters of Veli Drvenik Bay invite you to new sea adventures.

Have you heard that it is said that one must be barefoot to experience and connect with nature? People who meditate believe that one becomes grounded and one with nature while they are barefoot. So in the Blue lagoon, where society lets itself be free and celebrate nature in many different ways, you can be free and let it offer you the chance to experience nature at its purest way to get close to nature. Feel it becoming a part of you.

What can you expect from this tour?

Except for the fun ride with the boat filled with hospitality and good company, you will see some of the most gorgeous views and beauties that the Croatian coastline has to offer.

Split boat trips’ crew are trained to make your day pleasant and will guide you throughout the day. There will be music playing on the boat and you might even find new friends to spend new adventures with.

Why you should choose snorkeling

Snorkeling, besides being a fun way to meet under-sea life, is also an amazing workout!

It works out quads, hamstrings, calves, ankles, hip flexors, core and shoulders. Snorkeling improves overall strength and endurance, and it can even reduce stress! So you can imagine the wonders your mental and physical body will feel after you spend a few hours in the Blue lagoon and enjoying its perks.

Snorkeling is an easy sport. But there are still some tips to remember before you go to make sure you are completely ready:

  • get the right equipment (which is easy because the crew of Split boat trips will provide you with it),
  • learn how to defog and take the water of of our mask (crew can help you),
  • do not swim too fast – you can tire out quickly so remember to take it slow, – relax and do not go too far alone,
  • be respectful of the sea life,
  • and lastly, choose a good location. Blue lagoon is waiting for you!

Because of the sea bed flora and fauna. It is incredibly rich and while there are many places to choose where to snorkel, Blue lagoon is, once again – the one who ticks off all the boxes.

Find Nemo while snorkeling. You can see the vibrant sea life, from fishes to crabs and a lot of beautiful corals and if you are lucky, you might even find a clown fish! The flora and fauna of the Dalmatian underwater world is incredibly rich. There is a large selection of diving spots along the coast, but there are many islands along the Dalmatian coast that have impressive diving locations. The peak of the diving season is between May and September.

The blue lagoon diving boat was a sight that you will never forget. The blue waters of the lagoon are surrounded by rocky beaches and sitting on the boat in the middle of the lagoon, you can feel the warmth of the sun against your skin, and the coolness of the inviting water.

Diving in the blue lagoon is a unique experience that can not be found anywhere else in Croatia. The clear, sapphire waters and spectacular coral reefs make it an ideal spot for divers of all levels of experience.

Speed boat ride

Starting from Split, in the speedboat, you have the comfort of a boat for you and your companions. The boat holds 12 people so everyone can be seated comfortably and not worry about being

Don’t think that the ride to Togir or Blue lagoon will be boring! With the speed boat, the fun is guaranteed no matter how long the journey is. The speedboat has the upper hand in the travel area since it offers worry-free, safe, and fast transport to passengers who want to reach their destination in a short time and avoid slow shipping lines.

A private boat is also an authentic Mediterranean way to get from coast to island. It gives you plenty of time to prepare for your next adventure while you are enjoying the comfort and good company near you. So ditch the ferry and crowds and choose a boat tour!


Half-day boat trips from Split are very popular. During the 30-minute speed boat ride to Trogir, you can enjoy a panoramic view. First you will walk through Trogir, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and after you’ll make your way to the Blue lagoon.

One of the highlights worth visiting is the Trogir cathedral of St.Lovro (St. Lawrence), located on Trogir’s main square and dominates the skyline. Climb to the top of the Bell Tower of the cathedral for magnificent views over Trogir and the surrounding area.

While walking through the old town you will see two city fortresses. The two are:
– Fortress Kamerlengo to which you climb steep stairs but enjoy a view that is worth it (nowadays, the fortress is a multimedia center) and
– Trogirska kula sv. Marka, just near the seaside. On the exterior you can see relief of a lion and a crest of the town’s ruler from the 15th century.

Enjoy your walk on hot stone streets along with the promenade and famous spots like Town Hall and Trogir museum.
Cipiko Palace can be found on Trogir’s main square. The exterior carvings exhibit terrific detail and are very popular with many tourists taking photographs.
Walk on Trogir’s waterfront promenade with a coffee in hand and people-watch.

After a 15-minute ride you will arrive in your summer hotspot the Blue Lagoon. You’ll be provided with snorkeling equipment so that you can explore the bottom of the sea in this paradise, as the water is very transparent. Then relax while sunbathing.

As soon as you set foot on the beautiful island, troubles stay ashore

Don’t miss this great destination, just 30 minutes by speedboat from the coast. In a remote area away from storms and high winds, the Blue Lagoon provides a refuge for those looking to escape the hectic city life and stress of seeing so much in a short amount of time.

Tourists who want to visit this particular destination will not be disappointed as this ideal day trip destination is located near Split and Trogir. Famous for its crystal clear waters, the Blue Lagoon is a great opportunity to snorkel and relax on a daybed or sunbathe on a boat.

Not only is the destination popular for the sea, but this tour allows you to experience the culture without worrying about other aspects of the trip. This trip is extremely valuable to everyone. It presents a unique opportunity to experience a different part of the Croatian coast in a way that cannot be found near coast cities.

Dalmatian towns and the Blue Lagoon are both great places to visit. They are perfect for vacations and are definitely recommended for everyone.

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